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Orgonomic Science

Orgonomy is the science that studies orgone energy and its physical, biological, social and psychic manifestations, as discovered by the austrian physician Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).

Reich was able to perceive simultaneously the qualitative side of this energy (the spiral form, the pulsatory behavior, the luminescent capacity, and its curative quality), as well as the quantitative side (measurable through the formation of heat, static electricity and lowered bacterial growth). Disease is the result of stagnation of Orgone Energy, (“DOR = Deadly Orgone Energy”), both in its psychic function (sexuality, emotions, sensations, intellect), as well as in its somatic function (locomotion, tissue pulsation, organ functions). This stagnation can be counteracted with an emotional intervention (psychiatric orgone therapy) – different from the verbal and intellectual approach of psychology and different from the chemical-physical approach of modem psychiatry – or with a somatic one (physical orgone therapy), through the utilization of the “ORAC” (“Orgone Energy Accumulator”) and the “medical DOR buster”. The diseases which can be treated with this method are numerous: asthma, arthritis, burns, sores, wounds, sport injuries, autoimmune and cancerous diseases.

Orgonomy, however, is not limited to the study of human illnesses, be they psychological or somatic. Reich discovered the various manifestations of orgonomic energy by studying neuroses and mental illness (PSYCHOLOGICAL REALM), but the discovery of the function of the character and armor, of sexuality and orgasm permitted him to explore the field of personal interrelationships and their pathologic consequences in armored individuals (SOCIAL REALM) in particular with the momentous discovery of the emotional plague. By contemporaneously also studying the physical component of neuroses, he succeeded in discerning the biological aspect of orgonomic functions (BIOLOGICAL REALM) such as the formation of bions and abiogenesis (the birth of microscopic life from the decay of organic material), the principle at the base of the Reich blood test. The discovery of a particular type of bions (SAPA bions) permitted him then to directly study orgonomic energy and its physical manifestations such as luminosity, the inverse potential, the function of attraction and its cosmologic application (PHYSICAL-ASTRONOMICAL REALM).

Today each of these realms is being studied by various researchers, for example Charles Konia,whose book The Emotional Plague was recently published. Unfortunately the number of people interested and involved in these studies remainssmall; we live in cold times where Reich’s works don’t inspire a great deal of interest or curiosity.

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Laboratory in the office of Dr. Foglia
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